Giving Tuesday Hype

Giving Tuesday – A day dedicated to giving to your favorite charities. Now that you have completed most of your Christmas list now it’s time for philanthropy. Giving Tuesday is a significant day for many non-profit. It’s reasonable to assume that some organization can fundraise their annual budget in less than 24 hours. Helping an organization help others can give us the warm and fuzzies but not all non-profit organizations are created equal. Good stewardship and accountability is essential to operating an outstanding organization. This is not always discernible from a pamphlet or digital ad. 

For me, giving joyfully and giving responsibly is not mutually exclusive. Once upon time I would give because I wanted a blessing. Later in my charity, I gave because a church expected me to give due to membership. Joy was not consistent and the Bible commands us to be a cheerful giver. According to 2 Corinthian 9:7, God loves when we give without reluctance or under compulsion. This includes tithes and offerings but on a broader scope that include gifts to any “good cause”. But beware of the loopholes.