Ministry Highlight – Dorre Love

Welcome to another Spotlight edition of Beyond Sermons where we seek Jesus Christ beyond the pulpit. Street preaching is an effective means to evangelize the Gospel. Jesus was a street preacher along with his disciples.  It takes bold faith to proclaim the salvation of Jesus Christ. Today we spotlight a street minister of the Gospel and his name is Dorre Love.Dorre hails from Vancouver Canada, and preaches in a variety of locations. I found his ministry to be quite compelling and brave. You can find his content on youtube when you search for “Dorre Love“. For this podcast, we will highlight some of his preaching to Muslims, to the LGBTQ community, to climate change protesters, as well as Comicon. Some honorable mentions for Dorre not covered in today’s presentation are his preaching at Black Lives Matter events as well as drag queen story time.


Instagram: @lovedorre


The clips in this podcast were extracted from the publicly available videos as of Jan 2021.

Dorre Converse with Muslim

Dorre Love at Gay Pride Parade

Dorre Love confronts Climate Change

Dorre attends Anime Conference

Dorre chats with a pro-choicer