Who is the GOAT?

Welcome to another episode of  Beyond Sermons, where we seek Jesus Christ beyond the pulpit. I recently had a discussion about who is the GOAT for football and basketball.

For football, I am a Patriots fan. When we are not winning Super Bowl, we are still making deep runs into the playoffs. Tom Brady is the greatest football player of all time. End of story for me. Basketball is a more debatable. At the time of this recording, Michael Jordan is the all-time great while Lebron James is making a huge push for that title. I also want to give my respect to Kobe Bryant. 

Is Jesus a GOAT? No, he’s a Shepherd and a Teacher. Jesus teaches about goats too in a parable in Matthew 25:31-46. The parable compares goats with sheep. When goats are among sheep, the goats are domineering and stateful animals according to the (Proverbs 30:29-31).  Sheep are aimless, vulnerable and in need of  a shepherd to maximize their quality of life.