Old Testament Highlights (1 Chronicles – Job)

1 Chronicles

  1. Written family genealogies
  2. Death of King Saul
  3. King David moves the Ark of God (Covenant)
  4. David versus more giants
  5. Controversial Census
  6. Solomon succeeds David
  7. David counsels Solomon

2 Chronicles

  1. Solomon asks for wisdom
  2. Solomon builds God’s temple
  3. Solomon displays great wisdom
  4. Rehoboam succeeds Solomon
  5. Royal Family War
  6. Reign of Asa
    1. Didn’t seek God but only physicians
  7. Reign of Jehosophat
  8. Death of Ahab
  9. Reign of Jehoram
  10. Reign of Ahaziah
  11. Reign and death of Queen Athaliah
  12. Joash succeeds Ahaziah
  13. Amaziah succeeds Joash
  14. Reign and death of Amaziah
  15. Reign and death of Uzziah
  16. Reign of Jotham
  17. Reign of Ahaz
  18. Reign of Hezekiah
  19. Reign of Manasseh
  20. Reign of Josiah
  21. Short reign of Jehoahaz
  22. Reign of Jehoiakam
  23. Reign of Jehoiachin
  24. Reign of Zedekiah


  1. Exiles return to Jerusalem
  2. Conflicts over rebuilding the altar
  3. Great divorce of pagan marriages


  1. Rebuilding and rededicating Jerusalem


  1. Esther the adopted daughter of Mordecai becomes Queen
  2. Jews vs Haman
  3. Haman and his sons are impaled to death
  4. Mordecai becomes prime minister

Job (probably the earliest written book of the Bible)

  1. God blessed Job with family, riches and honor
  2. Satan makes a deal with God to tempt Job
  3. Job loses his children, riches, honor and struck with sickness
  4. Job remains devoted to God despite deep conversations with his wise friends
  5. God restores Job fourfold and Job prays for his friends