Old Testament Highlights (Psalms – Songs of Solomon)


  1. Various songs written by mostly King David, a masterful musician and warrior


  1. Book of wise sayings
  2. Words of Agur son of Jakeh
  3. Proverbs 31 woman


  1. Book of wisdom and perspective by Solomon
    1. Vanity of Life – How we prioritize earthly ambitions over God.
    2. Grief of Wisdom – The wiser we get  the more we understand how broken we truly are
    3. Vanity of Pleasure – When we try to live life to the fullest without God.
    4. The End of the Fool and the Wise – The predicted end for those who know God and those that don’t
    5. Everything has its time – Expect diverse seasons and respond with Godly wisdom
    6. The God-given task – Enjoy the fruit of our labor but don’t forget to honor God
    7. Injustice seems to prevail – Frustration with persistent wickedness
    8. Vanity of Selfish Toil – The pitfalls of keeping up with the Joneses
    9. Popularity passes away – Fame can only last so long
    10. Vanity of Gain and Honor – Chasing earthly possessions and even honor from authority will not save your soul
    11. Wealth is not the goal of life – The mind entrapment due to wealth
    12. The Value of Practical Wisdom – Knowing and practicing wisdom
    13. Obey Authorities for God’s sake – It’s Godly wisdom to obey authorities as a testimony of God’s goodness.
    14. Death comes to all – Don’t worship life … worship God instead
    15. Nature of Wisdom and Folly – The effects and fruits of wisdom and folly
    16. Value of Diligence – The little things we do consistently matters
    17. Seek God in Early Life – Build a strong relationship with God early in life before responsibilities and priorities creep in.

Songs of Solomon

  1. The episodes of love between Solomon and the Shulamite Girl
    1. Courtship
    2. Wedding Day
    3. Reluctance and Romance
    4. Permanence and Purity