Judges 1

I. Introduction: Seeking Divine Guidance (Judges 1:1) II. Southern Campaign: Judah’s Leadership (Judges 1:2-21) III. Northern Campaign: Mixed Successes (Judges 1:22-36) This outline merges academic study of the biblical text with theological insights, showing how the narrative of Judges Chapter 1 is both a historical account and a component of the broader redemptive story that […]

Joshua 22-24

I. The Eastern Tribes and the Altar of Witness (Joshua 22) II. Joshua’s Farewell Speech and Call to Faithfulness (Joshua 23) III. Covenant Renewal at Shechem and Joshua’s Legacy (Joshua 24) This detailed exploration offers a nuanced understanding of Joshua 22-24, connecting the events and their theological implications with broader biblical narratives and pointing to […]