Universe in 6 Days of Creation??? – Finale

My faith is firmly rooted on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But as the host of this podcast, this series has been an eye-opening experience on the book of Genesis. Today we discuss how outer space can fit into a creation narrative. Perhaps each day is symbolic for a geological age. Well, this is still unacceptable to a Young Earther. …

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Flood and Dinosaurs – Part 4

Many traditions including the Bible records a catastrophic flood that covered the earth. Does modern science account for a flood? We’ve also learned from fossil discoveries that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth. How does the Bible account for such findings?

Dating Methods – Part 3

Modern science uses many dating methods to determine the age of the earth and fossils. Such methods use element decay for carbon, uranium and others to estimate how long ago a fossil was alive. Can a young earth survive such scientific evidence?

Theory of Evolution – Part 2

In our first episode, we discussed the age of the Earth according to the Bible. It was estimated that the Earth was created by God a little over 7200 years ago. That’s a much lower estimate than the billions of years professed in the scientific community. Today we’re going to take a look at the theory of evolution and contrast it …

How old is Earth? – Part 1

Scientists profess that the Earth is many billion years of age. They use various methodologies to support this claim. Is the Bible a viable source for determining the age of the Earth?